Our Horses

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Meet our horses here:


Ellie is a 9 year old off the track thoroughbred mare. After a career of racing on the track with 2 wins, Ellie found her home with SPIRIT in the fall of 2020. Kind and sensible, Ellie grows to be another hard working horse in our programs. She enjoys participating in our EAL program and being a leader during some therapeutic riding classes.


Smudge is a 15 year old Percheron/Friesian cross gelding who came to SPIRIT in October of 2023. Prior to joining the herd, we believe he was an Amish cart horse. So far, Smudge has been a star in the veterans unmounted program and learning the ropes of therapeutic riding with our EALs riding him. We have no doubt he will soon be an all-star for all our programs!


Pumpkin is a 16 year old Welsh cross mare. She joined the herd in September of 2021, coming from a home where she was used as a trail pony. She is a SPIRIT superstar, being used in all of our programs- EAL, beginner lessons, and therapeutic riding!


Luna is a 13 year old Percheron cross mare who joined the herd in February of 2020. She is smart, noble, well trained, mature and an overall adorable mare who is changing the lives of our children and youth in community we serve. We thank Whitney for choosing SPIRIT as Luna’s new home!


Glory is a 30 year old Morgan mare. Prior to coming to SPIRIT, she was born and trained in the Midwest from driving and barrel racing, to dressage and showjumping. She is strong, smart, and skilled- one of the most reliable with difficult riders. She is always ready to serve!


Spirit is a 22 year old Welsh cross mare who joined the herd in 2009. Wise, patient, and a master mare, she was donated to SPIRIT trained in dressage and show jumping. A favorite of many students, she is careful in walk, trot, and canter, making her a great teacher and fun to ride.

Coco-Calendar-768x577 (1)

Coco is a 21 year old pony mare who has a big personality in a small body, with a nurturing personality. She was donated to SPIRIT in 2013 as a former “Birthday Pony”, making her a perfect match for the youngest riders in Therapeutic Riding Program.


Huckleberry is a 27 year old gelding pony. Strong and extremely smart, he was donated to SPIRIT in 2012 as an experienced trick riding pony. Huckleberry is reliable to improve confidence of any rider to make a transition from leader and side walker scenario to independent riding.

P1040940-600x451 (1)

Buttercup is a little 28 year old mare with lots of personality. She was donated with Huckleberry and also has experience as a trick riding pony. She is safe and reliable, while requiring respect from handlers; now she is the master to safely teach independent riding in walk and trot.


Evie is a 12 year old Paint mare who joined SPIRIT in August of 2023. Prior to joining the herd, she was a little boy's trail and lesson pony. Already, Evie has joined the ranks as a SPIRIT superstar, participating in EAL lessons, beginner riding, and therapeutic riding!


Grace is a 13 year old mare who was rescued unbroken from an auction. She is talented, energetic, smart and willing to learn. A smooth mover, Grace is a SPIRIT superstar, popular among all our riders- EALs, beginners, and therapeutic riding students!


Sky is a 19 year old Haflinger mare who was adopted in 2012 from an auction as only halter broke. Taught by the SPIRIT Team, she soon fit right in with our herd. She is fun, talented and beautiful- our “Barbie Mare.” Kind, sensitive, and willing, Sky is a wonderful match for many of our riders.


Cecelia- aka Cece- is a 21 year old Standardbred mare who was adopted from a horse rescue organization in 2013. Formerly, she had a cart racing career and gave birth to several foals. The queen of the herd, strong, proud and opinionated, Cece protects those in the herd who is new or weak.


Maisie is a 15 year old quarter horse mare who joined the herd in June of 2023. She was rescued from auction, so we aren't sure what her life was like prior to SPIRIT. Her sweet and gentle disposition make her a favorite around the barn, where she participates in therapeutic riding with the EALs.

We are also grateful for the wonderful years of friendship, teaching and teamwork with our herd members who were with us for a while
Lucinda, Mercy, Stitch, Holiday, Frederica,
Solveig, Charlie, Tessa, Colby Dylan, Honey, Larisa
Anastazia a.k.a. Annie, Sonny, Milton a.k.a. Santos, Louie (Leader of the Band), Angel,
Harmony, Lady, Infinity, Samson, Sally, Maggie, Timber, Sadie, and Max.

And of course, our founding pony team member, Spirit the Mare #1. She is the namesake of our program.
We still remember and cherish all the memories she gave us.